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We are still growing and we'd love to have new, talented and motivated people on board to take us further. There is a simple explanation for our organic growth: Enthusiastic guests regularly come to us and ask us how they can get involved or whether they can create a new location. We have an uncomplicated OnBoarding process, in which each applicant sends us a short motivation video, why she/he wants to participate.

Since we are a non-profit organisation, being part of the team is not about the money (We do have a back office in Hamburg, though, if you really want to make it your profession ;-). The most important assets new team members should bring, are an intrinsic motivation to make great things happen and a open-minded curiosity for new ideas, topics and people.

If you would like to become an active member and support regionally or supra-regionally, please contact us either via or contact one of the team members directly at the events.

As part of the team you have the opportunity to participate at the events yourself, spread your own ideas across the community and inspire your network of speakers, spectators and partners. In addition, we enable all our members to moderate the event on stage. inspires

More than 1500 speakers (and counting) have entered the stage since the first event in 2014. has quickly become the fastest growing meetup outside the United States. Regular events on a wide variety of topics take place in more than 30 cities in 6 countries (as of Dec 2018).

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In the modern business world, the border between work and leisure is blurring more and more. Times are getting faster and one trend follows the next. What is still current today may be obsolete tomorrow. New concepts and innovations are replacing each other - lifelong learning is no longer a buzz word but reality.

And since much of this happens in your spare time, we want to make your precious time as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Each time you learn new things at our events, meet interesting people, perhaps even make new friends and have had an entertaining time, then we have reached our goal.

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