Audience & Community

Tired of formal and expensive business events with long and boring talks by dignitaries that waste your time? Trying to avoid yet another Netflix evening? Yearning to meet real and interesting people and learn about stuff that's not on your daily schedule? You've come to the right place!

Drop by and check out one of our events yourself!

At all our active locations you can listen to presentations from experts and young professionals. At each event there will be 3 talks dealing with exciting topics in the context of digitization and society. Each speaker is subject to a challenge: The topic must be presented precisely to the point, because: He/she has  exactly 12 minutes - not a second longer.

Compact, concise and to the point. The audience has exactly 12 minutes to ask questions after the talk.

This gives you the opportunity to listen to interesting talks by clever minds on cutting-edge topics and then exchange ideas with the community and the speakers.

Why only 12 minutes?

We don't want to listen to endlessly dissipating presentations. We want to learn new things, hear interesting things and be able to take them in even after a long working day. And - most importantly - we believe in our audience, not only in our speakers. That's why we promote direct interaction by giving equal time shares to the speaker, the audience and for networking. Since we want to have three speakers per night, we figured we'd have to keep those time slots sufficiently short. Having shaped history to this day (clock, calendar, EU flag, etc.), the dozen sounded perfect to us.