About us

Don't waste your time!

Old meets New Economy at our regular 12min.me events. Our motto is “Don’t waste your time!” and our main focus is on education, innovation and infotainment.

We stick to our promise: our events feature three informative and inspiring talks each.
Each speaker has exactly 12 minutes to get her or his point across. After that, it‘s the audience‘s turn to ask questions and discuss the topic - all in 12 minutes.

We connect people of diverse backgrounds, initiating impulses for innovative ideas and businesses. As a networking platform, we promote an exchange of ideas and create opportunities to expand your personal net of business contacts.

12min.me is a non-profit organization. In more than 30 cities, our dedicated and enthusiastic teams set up entertaining events on a regular basis.

We are funded exclusively by donations. Our partners let us use their event spaces and supply catering and technical equipment. Professional film teams and photographers support us, recording the talks and capturing the greatest moments.

Quick Facts

Inspiration / Three inspiring talks on up-to-date topics - 12 minutes each - in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Networking / Make new contacts, meet friends and meet new people

For Free / Our events are free-of-charge - we even make sure, you‘ll get a free drink or two

Audience / The number of attendees at each event is limited. Depending on location, expect to meet 50 to 400 people.

Signing up / Sign up for our events on meetup.com. If you want to join our team or support our organization in one of our cities or nationally, just write us a short message or talk to us at on of our events.

We‘re looking forward to meeting you!